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5% Discount on purchase of any 2 units use code "DS5" & 10% Instant discount on purchase of any 5 units (automatically applied at the checkout)
How to put your own eyelash extensions? -

How to put your own eyelash extensions?


Among the most fashionable fashion accessories of the moment, eyelash extensions are in a good position. These little wonders are all the rage in the field of improving the overall appearance of the face. Eyelash extensions are primarily at the disposal of those who wish to add a few lengths to their eyelashes, for a stunning effect on their eyes.

There are two ways to get eyelash extensions. The first is to head to a beauty salon and confide in a professional in the field. The second method is to fix oneself eyelash extensions. How to proceed for this last technique?

Why opt for eyelash extensions? Before turning to the installation of eyelash extensions, it would be interesting to diagnose the current state of your eyelashes. In other words, it is advisable to know if your eyelashes are short or rather long if they are thick or thin. This allows you to choose the ideal type of extensions. In general, users of this type of accessory desire to wear lashes more voluminous and thus give a more glamorous effect on their eyes.

The equipment necessary for the operation:

To carry out the installation of eyelash extensions, it is vital to be well equipped. Useful tools usually include:

1. Eyelash extensions of course. They can be synthetic, silk, or mink.

2.Gel eye patches that protect the lower eyelid and isolate the natural eyelashes during the pose.

3. A disposable brush: to discipline and especially to disentangle the false eyelashes at the time of their application.

4. A disposable micro brush.

5. Diluent removal eyelash extensions: to dilute the special glue, to remove false eyelashes.

6. A laying mat, sometimes in silicone for a quick and practical installation.

7. Glue for eyelash extensions.

8. medical tape, ideal for raising drooping eyelids.

9. A jade stone: to maintain the quality of the glue for eyelash extensions during the operation, but also to support the clip when you do not need it.

10. Eyelash extension forceps All these components are there to make the installation of eyelash extensions at home as easy and effective as possible.

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How to do it, concretely? For concretizing the process of setting up eyelash extensions oneself, once the equipment is complete, it only remains to follow a few simple steps. In the first place, it will be necessary to clean the eyes properly with a mild cosmetic product. The next step will be to take off, using the small forceps, the false eyelashes of their box. If they exceed the size of your eyelids, it will be more convenient to cut them with chisels. Then, put a dash of glue on the edge of the false eyelashes, then blow on about 10 seconds.

The last step will be to put the false eyelashes, using your index finger, in the same place as the growth of your natural eyelashes. Once you're done, complete the makeup of your eyes. Also, to extend the duration of your false eyelashes (up to about 4 weeks), daily maintenance is necessary, including a wet compress to remove impurities and tissue for drying. Finally, it is strongly recommended to brush your new lashes after waiting 48 hours after installation, otherwise, they would not hold at all.

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